Women On the Move Against Cancer (WOMAC) is delighted to announce it will support brainstrust in 2021, with all fundraising initiatives throughout the year dedicated to the UK charity and, therefore, helping brain tumour patients and their families.

brainstrust is a national charity supporting patients, caregivers and families facing a life-limiting brain tumour diagnosis through offering practical advice and emotional support to improve their mental well-being. All of this is done through the charity’s coaching, counselling, events and NHS-accredited resources, thus making people affected by a brain tumour feel part of a community, more supported and more engaged with clinical care. Regular meet-ups across the country have been adapted to online forums in order for brainstrust to continue supporting its community in COVID-19 times too.

 “There are more than 60,000 people in the UK living with a brain tumour, and the disease kills more children and adults under 40 than any other cancer. So not only is a diagnosis terrifying and often terminal, but the challenges facing this community are also complex and varied. Patients face losing their job, driving licence and sense of independence. Family members abandon careers to become caregivers, a role for which they have had no training. These changes mean people feel out of control, alone, anxious and overwhelmed. brainstrust helps people through this scary and confusing experience, helping them to navigate complex treatment and care, and prioritise what is important to them so that people are living the life they want, to the best of their potential. “Our support is available to everybody affected by any of the 130+ different types of brain tumour,” said Will Jones, Chief Executive, brainstrust.

 “WOMAC’s decision to support brainstrust in 2021 means a lot for our community. It is kindness and generosity that help us make a difference for brain tumour patients and their families, and knowing that there are organisations like WOMAC ready to dedicate their efforts to a good cause makes me feel very lucky to be part of our empowering community,” said Sophie Bryan, Fundraising Manager, brainstrust.

Georgia Fox, Chair of WOMAC, added: “Dealing with a cancer diagnosis can be difficult not only for the person with cancer, but for their family and friends as well. Charities like brainstrust help people find the right information or the right person to contact, which can often make living with cancer that bit easier. I am very much looking forward to a successful fundraising year in support of brain tumour patients and their families.”

Donations can be made via WOMAC’s JustGiving page by visiting https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/womac-2021.

brainstrust’s online shop may be the right place for those looking to do a Christmas shop, which makes a difference, with sales from items such as Christmas cards, stocking fillers or winter warmers directly supporting the brain tumour community.

For more details regarding how to support WOMAC, please contact Georgia Fox on +44 7973 915199.

About brainstrust
A brain tumour diagnosis is frightening, isolating and has a devastating social impact. brainstrust helps patients, their families and carers to navigate the uncertainties that a diagnosis brings. Many face mental health, cognition, dexterity and mobility challenges because of either the tumour itself or the treatment, and must learn to accept a new normal which is different to the life they have established. It is a distressing and bewildering experience, and that is where brainstrust helps.

brainstrust provides personalised support and builds resources that help people with a brain tumour and their loved ones live the life they want to after diagnosis. They work with people in the clinical setting to secure the best possible care for people with a brain tumour and campaign to solve real issues, because they understand the challenges faced by the brain tumour community.

To find out more, visit www.brainstrust.org.uk, email hello@brainstrust.org.uk or call 01983 292405. For press enquiries please contact eve@brainstrust.org.uk.

Women On the Move Against Cancer is a group of female volunteers working in the automotive industry. It was established in 1979 and aims to continue the fight against cancer by supporting a variety of projects, searching for more effective treatments or improving the quality of life for cancer sufferers, their families and carers.

Website: www.womac.co.uk


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brainstrust logo

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