Our Work

Where the money goes

WOMAC funds a different cancer project each year. It could be to help patients at home as well as in a hospital or hospice, perhaps to provide equipment or buildings for the treatment of men, women or children. Sometimes the choice is determined by the care a friend, relation or colleague has received. Sometimes another particularly worthy cause is brought to WOMAC's attention by the medical profession. Whichever cause WOMAC supports, the overriding concern is that we raise as much money as we can to help the continuing fight against cancer. Since its beginning WOMAC has helped a variety of projects, a list of which is available here for your information. 

How the money's raised

Everyone involved with WOMAC gives their time, energy and expertise for nothing. There are no hidden overheads - no extravagant expenses. Every penny which WOMAC raises goes to the charity it supports and since 1979 we have donated over £1,000,000. Obviously this is only a small contribution to the work of those involved in cancer care and research, but every little counts and WOMAC believes that it is helping in a small but significant way to bring about progress in countering and managing the disease.

Your interest in WOMAC is invaluable to us in helping to make the right moves to defeat cancer. Thank you for supporting WOMAC.