Our History

In 1978 a young Grand Prix racing driver on the verge of a promising career was diagnosed as having terminal cancer and was treated at a London hospital. His name was Gunnar Nilsson. In the weeks before he died he showed immense courage in organising help for other cancer sufferers.

After Gunnar Nilsson's death, others were inspired by his example and wanted to continue his work. Led by Jean Denton, Baroness Denton of Wakefield CBE (who died of cancer in February 2001), a group of women in the motor industry founded the organisation which is now known as WOMAC (Women On the Move Against Cancer).

To begin with, WOMAC made a modest commitment to their cause: £1,000 was raised from a luncheon and the following year a similar amount was also donated to charity. By the third year, WOMAC had caught the imagination of many people in the motor industry and it wasn't long before collections were into five figure sums.

Now, each year, 'The WOMAC Party' has become a major event in the motor industry's diary. It is not only an opportunity to meet old friends but, more importantly, an occasion where everyone can contribute funds which help to fight the disease which has affected so many.