Our Charities

2020 Dimbleby Cancer Care
  Princess Alice Hospice
2019 EHE Rare Cancer Charity (UK)
  The Elizabeth Loury Ward, Southend Hospital
2018 Kidney Cancer Support Network
2017 Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust
2016 Prostate Cancer UK
  Pancreatic Cancer UK
2015 Fight Bladder Cancer
  Cyclists Fighting Cancer
  The Lyla Nsouli Foundation
2014 Sarcoma UK
2013 The Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund
  The Marcus Rutherford Foundation
2012 Action Against Cancer
2011 Beating Bowel Cancer
  Heart of Kent Hospice (Aylesford)
2010 Samantha Dickson Brain Tumour Trust
2009 The Eve Appeal
  The Little Princess Trust
2008 Leukaemia Research Fund
  The Neuroblastoma Society
2007 Myeloma UK
  The Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice (Farnham)
2006 The Orchid Cancer Appeal
  The Isabel Hospice (Welwyn Garden City)
2005 The Cancer Treatment and Research Trust
  The Peace Hospice (Watford)
2004 Marie Curie Cancer Care nurses
  St Luke’s Hospice (Basildon)
2003 Lymphoma Research at The Royal Marsden Hospital Willen Hospice (Milton Keynes)
2002 The Royal College of Surgeons
  The Youth Cancer Trust
  The Kingston Hospital Cancer Unit Appeal
2001 BEN’s cancer care unit at Alexandra House
  Weston Park Cancer Trust
2000 UK Child Cancer Study Group
1999 Lucy’s Roof Garden, Royal Marsden Hospital
  Malignant melanoma research, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital
1998 Sobell House Hospice (Oxford)
1995-7 Cancer Relief Macmillan Fund nurses
1994 Royal Free Hospital
1992-3 Hammersmith Hospital chemotherapy/day rooms
1991 BACUP breast cancer counsellor
1990 Westminster Hospital counsellor
1988-9 WOMAC Research Fellowship at Whittington Hospital
1987 London Hospital cancer patient counsellor
1986 Malcolm Sargent Fund for Children
1985 Middlesex Hospital Urology Research Fund
1984 Westminster Hospital
1982-3 St Christopher’s Hospice (London)
1981 Cancer Relief Macmillan Fund
1980 Leukaemia Research Fund
1979 Gunnar Nilsson Fund