The WOMAC Committee

Georgia Fox


Everyone knows someone who has been touched by cancer, myself included. WOMAC may not be Comic Relief but what this group does makes a huge difference and I’m honoured to be a part of it. WOMAC is an inspiring group of women who work tirelessly and give up their time to make a difference. And they do. The WOMAC party has become a major event in the automotive calendar and I’m looking forward to many more years of working with such a supportive and determined organisation.

Janet Wilkinson MBE

Vice Chair

I’ve been involved with WOMAC for many years because I’ve seen how cancer affects families and friends, and I’ve lost too many people I care about to this disease. By working with WOMAC, I know I am helping others to benefit from research and support by specialist charities.

Andrea Baker


I’ve been involved with WOMAC since I started out in the motor industry more than 20 years ago and each year I see how our donations enable charities around the UK to continue with their research, support and care for those affected by cancer.  It’s really rewarding to be part of a team of women who invest time and energy into fundraising activities for such worthwhile causes.

Huguette Boyagis

Charity and Venue Co-ordinator

Having been involved with the motor industry all my working life, and losing too many friends to cancer, I feel that through my affiliation with WOMAC, I am helping, in however small a way, raising funds to pay for research towards a cure! 

Sue Loy

Patron Co-ordinator

Having been involved with WOMAC for many, many years now, it is still as important now as it was when I first joined.  I feel that if we all do our own little bit in raising funds for the charities we support each year, then the fight against cancer is becoming ever closer, and that has been proven to me over the years with many of my friends and colleagues now cancer survivors.

Nicola Humphreys


Cancer took my best friend from me when we were only 16 years old. Her absence in my life serves to regularly remind me that cancer is an insidious disease. My small contribution to WOMAC is about giving thanks for the friend I had. And I love working with this singular group of women to raise money for something so important to all of us.

Stilyana Podmolova

Publicity Co-ordinator

The busy everyday life often makes us forget what being part of a community is. This is why I have welcomed WOMAC in my life - to be reminded that an essential part of human nature is to help others and also, to feel part of a community, which has kindness and goodwill at its core. WOMAC is a respected and loved name in the automotive industry as it helps unite efforts in the fight against cancer and proves year after year, that every little helps and that the feeling of helping someone in need is priceless.